Since its establishment in 2010, Spudmobeel Corp. has become a staple at various special events and festivals in Calgary and Alberta, Canada. With a wide range of services, they cater to street parties, private events, air shows, music festivals, car rallies, Farmers Markets, and more. Our presence has been warmly received by the community, as we bring our mobile food trailer to these gatherings. Offering delicious and diverse food options. From mouthwatering street food to custom menu, Spudmobeel Corp. has something for everyone. Their dedication to providing exceptional culinary experiences has made them a sought-after vendor at these events. Whether it's a family-friendly festival or a lively street party, Spudmobeel Corp. is there to enhance the overall atmosphere with their delectable offerings.


We would not exist without our fabulous staff over the years

Steven Wills and Barbara Jackson have been partners in both their personal and professional lives since 1996. Barb has a strong background in the food industry, particularly as a 5th generation butcher from Vancouver BC. She has successfully operated butcher shops and deli shops in Calgary. Steven, on the other hand, has experience in raising and marketing bison. This is actually how the two first met. Steven has also run a successful concession for several years and has assisted Barb in managing the deli shop. Together, they decided to embark on a new venture and custom designed the Spudmobeel Trailer. Drawing from their past experiences, Steven and Barbara have learned the importance of providing good food and excellent customer service.

And most important the people our customers